Q: How long should the hair be for the best results in waxing?
A: The optimal hear length for waxing is about ¼”

Q: How long do the waxing results last?
A: 3 to 4 weeks in the average - it varies with individual.

Q: Can I shave my legs between waxing?
A: Combining shaving with waxing is not advisable.  While waxing inhibits growth of hair and makes the new hair soft and flexible, shaving has just the opposite effect and it makes hair brittle and easily broken.


Q: How are VIE facials different from PHYTOMER?
A: These facials are using high performance Vie product line. 
This product is being manufactured using the most advance nanotechnology, which enables to obtain very small particles from active ingredients.  This provides deeper skin penetration and immediate effect.

Q: Who should use Vie facials?
A: Vie facials are good for all skin types, including young skin and very sensitive skin, Vie facial  is an alternative to plastic surgery
for mature skin.  It effectively helps the skin to restore and retain smooth texture.  It also vividly softens deep wrinkles, sculpts face contour and takes care of surface lines. 

Q: At what age the person should start having facials done?
A: The best time start early.  Deep pore cleansing for teenagers cleanses pores and moisturizes the skin.  After age of 25 all skin functions slow down and this would be the perfect time to start preventative anti-aging program.  On-going skin care at any age significantly slows down the aging process.  The younger you
begin your skin care the younger your skin will remain for your entire life.

Q: How do I know, which facial is right for me?
A: Before doing any facial we complete detail skin analysis to determine the type and condition of your skin.  Then we
recommend a facial, which would be the most suitable for your
skin condition.  

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