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Appointments recommended.
We strive to serve our customers - appointments outside regular hours might be arranged upon request.

We’re proud to offer facial services that address the needs 
of every skin type and condition.  Each treatment is not only
designed to produce radiant complexion, but to offer an experience in total relaxation. We’ve searched for the finest
skin care products and arehappy to offer you one of the finest lines from France, which is being used in the most
prestigious SPAs all over the world.  Phytomer products presents the purest choices in Thalassotherapy, which
utilize the therapeutic use of sea water and marine products.

All our treatments are based on careful analysis of your skin and I can recommend you a highly effective, yet simple to
use take-home program. The most visible area of the body, our face, is often the most
in need of some special attention.  4 Seasons Day Spa
proudly offers PHYTOMER and VIE facial treatment series
that are specificto your complexion’s needs, fluctuating
climate and your ever changing life style. We invite you to experience the amazing gifts from the sea in the comfort of our spa.

Elena Vokhgelt
Managing Esthetician

Sveta Yurchak
Managing Esthetician
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